Monday, 9 January 2012

Some new Shapes

9/January 2012

As mentioned a while back, I've been playing around with some new card shapes. It's always nice to do something a little different, The cards I'm posting here today are not going to have the usual instructions with them, but I'm happy to share if anyone is interested. Just get in touch with me.

The first Shape is a Double easel card, which folds flat to approximately 15cm x 7.5cm
Yes I know two of them are Christmas cards, and Christmas is now over, but I'm already getting ready for next Christmas. I hate having to rush at the last minute, so I prepare all year round.

The next card is a variation on a card I developed several years ago, smaller in size it folds flat to 4" square.

The last card and the blue card above are for a Swap at Craft Mad, these are for my swap partner, so Shhhh! dont' tell her, other wise they won't be a surprise.
The swap was to use something from around the house or left over from Christmas. In the blue card, I've used a section of a left over Christmas paper napkin. Carrying on the theme of napkins, the second card (for the swap), the yellow one also uses a napkin, I had to adhere the napkin to cardstock before cutting it out. this quite easy card took me several hours to make because of the fiddly bits I put myself through, but the most important thing is I had FUN doing it.
I have drawn up a diagram for this card should anyone be interested in it. Again just contact me.

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