Monday, 8 August 2016

Disney Cot Quilt

I've just finished a cot quilt using my embroidery machine (Brother Quattro 3, Inv 6950D) stitch the Disney characters. I was asked to do a variety of characters, and use neutral colours.

I used really good quality fabrics, and a cotton / wool wadding.

Originally I was going to quilt in each and every square, but after putting it all together, I decided that to embroider in every square would be too much.

So here is the finished quilt. It only needs a light gentle wash to remove my quilting marks. (I find that simply sponging them doesn't completely get rid of some marks, must have been a bit heavy handed with the marking pen in places)

Now I have to do another one, again in neutral colours. This quilt took about 2 weeks to make.

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