Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Quilt is coming along nicely!

The star quilt I'm making is coming along. My last post showed some of the blocks. Here is the quilt top al ready for layering up.
Since this was taken I've layered it up and am now ready to start the machine quilting. I'm still in the process of determining which designs to use.  Since I made two extra blocks to be made into matching cushions, I'm using one of them to test the designs on. (thats after practicing on scrap calico to make sure the sizes are what I want).

I'm so pleased with how the quilt is coming together as this is my first wholly pieced quilt.

As well as this quilt, I'm also  halfway through  Machine embroidering the blocks for my next quilt.
This quilt will have 15 x 9" x 6" blocks which are machine embroidered with Australian heritage buildings, I'll post pics of this work in progress in my next post.

To finish today, here is a photo of the sewn Christmas wall hanging I've just finished. each section started off with 61/2" triangles. Each triangle started off as two pieces of fabric measuring 61/2" on the 60 degree triangle ruler. sewn right sides together then turned right side out.
The points were sewn into the centre point with a bead added, the work was then turned over and the centre of each straight edge was also sewn into the centre. Easy to do, difficult to explain. These can be done any size and take no time at all to make.
Here is my finished hanging. Hope you like.

Thank you for visiting today.
Catch you again soon.