Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pergomano Cricketer

17 January 2012

This card is another of the 'Getting Ahead of myself' cards.

The requirements said Red with Pergomano technique.

I outlined my cricketer in Pergomano Tinta white ink, then did all the embossing. The perforation down each side is minimal as the cricketer is the central focus.

Using Pergomano Tinta in Leaf Green, I coloured the reverse of the centre section behind the cricketer, to get that cricket pitch feel.

The red is simply a plain red paper used as the insert.

I haven't done a lot of pergomano in recent years, and after having done this card, can't for the life of me think why. It's fun and it's not that difficult to do. Just a little patience is needed.

Hope you like the card.

I've been asked for some tips when starting out with Pergomano. I'm no expert, but I can say that when you first start, focus on the drawing with the Tinta inks, these are used with the old map pens, those awful pens I had to use when I was at school, you know the kind, dip them into the ink and if you weren't very careful, the load of ink would dump itself all over your page. I was never any good with them back then.
Print out your design, and use removable tape to tape your parchment paper over the design, then draw over all the required outlines.
There are a great many different kinds of Pergomano tools, there are fine, medium, and bold, I have most (not all) of them, as well as the perforation mats. Most of the embossing on the cricketer was done with a stylus, and is repeated lines to get the outline and I only used a larger ball of varying sizes for the larger white embossed areas.

Keep your actual perforations to a minimum  until you are more proficient, success breeds confidence, so start slowly. Select the easier patterns first. Like the old saying learn to walk before you try to run. I consider myself to be still learning to walk. The running is a bit too far ahead of me yet.
Keep your scraps of parchment, and use them to practice.
When doing a new perforation pattern, practice it first on scrap, some you will find easy, others are deceptively difficult.
But give it a go! nothing ventured, nothing gained. :-)

Happy Crafting,


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Susan Hogan said...

I am about to teach myself Pergamano, inspired by your cricketer. Any tips?