Monday, 16 February 2015

Underground Railroad Quilt Blocks 1 to 9

With a group of fellow residents here in Angle Vale Gardens Retirement Estate, I'm making the Underground Railroad quilt. This is using the Underground RAilroad Sampler Book by Eleanor Burns & Sue Bouchard. Published by Quilt in a Day ISBN: 1-89177613-4. I  bought my book via Ebay and paid a fortune for it. You can however get it from Quilt in a Day Quilt in a Day Underground Railroad Sampler book

The quilt tells the story of how Slaves were helped to escape slavery via the messages in the quilts.

So far I have made the first 9 of 16 blocks. I say 16 but the final block is actually the story which I've scanned onto printable fabric and will then make into a block, as opposed to using it as a label on the back of the finished quilt.

The book gives you all the instruction you need to complete each block, from the fabric qty needed in total to the individual block qty, piece cutting to step by step making of each block.

Anyway, here are my completed blocks 1 to 9.

 Block 1 - Underground Railroad

 Block 2 - Monkey Wrench

 Block 3 - Wagon Wheel

 Block 4 - Carpenter's Wheel

 Block 5 - Bear's Paw

 Block 6 - Basket

 Block 7 -  Crossroads

 Block 8 - Log Cabin
Block 9 - - Shoo-Fly

This is the story label, 

The quilt uses 4 Background fabrics, 3 Reds, 3 Brown, 3 Green, 3 Blue, and Black.

One thing which I didn't realise until I got to block 4 Carpenters Wheel, was that the book pretty much requires you to have  the Quilt in a Day flying geese ruler. Otherwise it's rather difficult to get your flying geese block trimmed to the correct size. You are able to purchase these from Quilt in a Day, or there are other stores online within Australia where you can easily purchase them without paying the exorbitant postage charges for freight from America.

I hope you enjoy the journey that this quilt takes you on. I'll post the remaining blocks once they are all completed.

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