Wednesday, 18 January 2012


18th January 2012

Todays card is also in the group of 'Getting ahead of myself'

This time the requirements were for Flowers with Quilling technique.
I've not done a great deal with quilling, but I have done some.

This card is simple in the extreme, but I think it's simplicity really works. Of course there had to be some bling, so of course there is.

This type of card is (in my humble opinion) for hand giving. The stem of the flower is simply a very narrow strip of paper glued in place on it's very edge. Can you imagine that going through the post office sorting and delivery system and arriving at it's destination intact? I seriously doubt that would happen, even bubble wrapping would squash the stem. So hand giving it is. There is no sentiment as this is in my 'Don't know yet' folder. when the occasion arises for it's giving, then I'll add in the necessary sentiment.

If you've been following my posts, you will be able to see that I've certainly been having some fun with the variety of techniques available.

Card making is so much fun and soooo addictive.

Hope you like my card.

Happy Crafting,



Sandy said...

I really enjoy creating with quilling although I haven't done any lately, I have all the gear and still some of my early cards, I saved one that was fuschia's for ages because I was really pleased with how it turned out, did use it eventually and yes I delivered it by hand as I didn't want to try making a box and too expensive to post that way anyway.
Love your flower!!

HuggiesCrafts said...

Thanks Sandy, do you have I blog I can view?

Merry said...

Beth, this is simply lovely. :-)

If you click on Sandy's name you will see her blog at the top....and it is a lovely blog to follow.