Thursday, 28 June 2012

Special Cards, for Special People

28th June 2012

The following two cards were commissioned. They are very different, and at quite opposite ends of the spectrum.
The first card is for a significant birthday, which of course have to have something a little bit specaial, so this card is very dimensional due to the roses and the butterfly. The largest rose is 2.5cm wide and 2cm high, no way was that ever going to fit into an ordinary envelope, not even a envelobox was going to hold this baby, so I made a special box to go with it. The person this is for loves white flowers, and what better flower to express love than a rose.

The card and it's box. I have embossed acetate for use in the aperture.

 The second card is for a special litte girl who's going to be 4. She likes cupcakes, so her card has 4 cupcakes, and 4 x 4's
The inside had to be a special as the outside,

keeping with the cupcake and 4 theme, there had to be four candles and four cupcakes and four Happy Birthday to you greetings.

I think this turned out to be really cute and girly. Hopefully Savannah likes her birthday card.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ladies Cards

27th June 2012

On Monday 25th June, the ladies, as usual met to make some cards.

The cards I put together for this class are simple cards, but taught them some new techniques which is what classes are all about really; besides the companionship, it's about learning something new while having fun and letting our creativity shine.

The first card we made is chocolate, pink and white. We used some new Stampin Up stamps and die cutters which match the stamps. The brown background was embossed. Each person chose their own sentiment, as well as the layout of their flourishes, As you will see from the photo of the ladies holding their cards, (of which they are justifiably proud) they have created cards which while using the same card, colours and embellishments, each card is uniquely their own.

The second card I wanted to be black and white, then decided that just a touch of pink would finish it off.  Again their is embossing, cutting, layering stamping, and again each lady has individualised their cards.

I'm really please with the way this group is developing, their confidence and ability is coming along very nicely. They are all happy with the end product of each days crafting and that is all that's important.

And here they are, 4 very proud and happy ladies with their cards.

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


26th June 2012

Been scrapbooking. The two blue and pink layouts are a Kaszazz workshop, there is another page to come to complete this set, but I've not done that one yet, am waiting on further supplies.
The first page Burgandy and Gold, is my album title page. and my own design. I do believe I need to straighten out my Family letters!

I used my eCraft to cut the sayings and letters.

The background of the next two layouts is mirror card, very hard to photograph.

Eric & Colin Making their vows,

The happy couple

I'm really enjoying this scrapbooking stuff, and am finally realising that my eCraft can do so much to help me in doing it.

Happy Crafting,

Monday, 25 June 2012

Christmas Cards with Heather

25th June 2012

After a what seems like ages, Heather and I managed to squeeze into our busy schedules, a day to make some cards. I have soooo missed our Thursday sessions.

Anyway, we made a set of 3 Kaszazz Christmas cards in gold and white, then I suggested silver and blue, so we made those as well.

Here are the 6 delightful cards we made. Loved making them, Totally pleased with the end results, and had a great day with a good friend doing what we both love. How much better could life be than that?

These two cards use a rollagraph stamp which was embossed with Sparkling embossing powder, I added some Kindy Glitz to the Gold and white card.

The remaining 4 cards also use Kaszazz stamps, which were heat embossed. I only added Kindy Glitz to the Gold and White ones, however, I've still not ruled out adding some to the Blue and Silver cards, just can't make up my mind at present.

I must admit I found it difficult to photograph the cards as they all use Mirror card, and I'm not a very good photographer at anytime. However, I hope you can see them well enough to help give you some inspiration for your Christmas cards.
I'm happy to have made six of the eighty I usually make. I always start making my Christmas cards in June, so i'm off and on my way.

Happy Crafting

Monday, 18 June 2012

Crafting with the Ladies

18th June 2012

Just a quick update to say that Unstampabelles has put out a call for another Design Team member, If you are interested use the link on the right hand side and check out the requirements. What have you got to lose? it's challenging, fun and very interesting coming up with designs to not only meet the challenge, but to hopefully inspire participants each month.

Today was card making with the ladies in our retirement estate, these are the cards we made, the third photo is of the ladies with their cards.

For this card I used and A5 piece of dark brown card folded in half. then mounted a piece of white card onto which I mounted 8 3D apples. the apples were cut with a Sullivans hand punch, then 3 punched apples were joined to create the dimensional apples. the stems and leaf are hand drawn. I used two contrasting papers as strips across the bottom and the sentiment is a rub on. This is not my original idea, I saw it in a magazine some time ago, but can't remember which one.

This card is based on a card featured in docrafts Creativity magazine, Issue 32 April 2012 page 12. It's not identical, but credit needs to be given for the inspiration.
The butterfly is a Spellbinders Shapeabilities die called Wings of Hope, which I've cut, embossed and inked before removal from the die, Kindy Glitz was added over the inked areas. All the layers are sewn, and the buttons are from my huge stash of odd and sods buttons, some craft, some from long ago garments, and some vintage buttons garnered from all sorts of places.

From the left to the right we have Betty, Maxine, Wanda and Jennifer who all had a lovely couple of hours allowing their creativity to shine.
Thank you ladies, it was a pleasure as always to help you get in touch with your inner creativity.

Happy Crafting,

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Recent assortment

17th June 2012

These cards were made quite recently. Two were commissioned, and the third was one of the sample cards for my ladies group to make.

I was specifically asked to make a card for this little fellow showing Lego as he LOVES his Lego.
I used my eCraft to cut out the letters.

This 3d image is so cute and just perfect for a 1st birthday

This card was my sample card for my ladies group when I introduced them to paper tole.
They were all very pleased with their individual cards, especially as they got to choose their own image to make up, and the colours to use.

Tomorrow is craft day again for my ladies, so tomorrow night I'll post the cards they will be making, I'll even try and remember to take my camera to photograph THEIR work to show you.

Happy crafting,

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Standing Frame Album

13th June 2012

I started this frame album at Heathers last week, but have only just had time to finish it off.

This project is a Kaszazz project, apart from the bird and branch which are a Stampin Up punch. The memory sentiment is a stamp.(not Kaszazz)

If you wished you could of course put other pages inside, however, I've used the stand (included in the pack) fixed to the back so that it stands up like a standard picture frame, except that this one opens up like a book and there are as you can see photo's mounted inside.

I might still add further embellishments around the brown frame, it looks a little "unfinished'


There are many possibilities with this frame set, I have another one which I plan on using in the not too distant future, might even put pages in that one.

Happy crafting

Monday, 11 June 2012

Craft Fair - last day 2012

11th June 2012

Today was the last day of the craft fair. It was probably the slowest day, with fewer people actually buying stuff.

I only made 3 cards, one of which sold immediately, but I did make a commission for the back and front of a book for a school project, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it before the customer came back to collect it.

I made this wobble card using a Grand scallop Oval and a Grand plain oval as well as the standard sized ovals. the dress is from Jenni B Collections, comes as a two in a pack. This is the card that sold almost as soon as I'd finished it. We don't normally sell the demo cards, but it was the last day and said Oh okay then. Anyway, I promptly made a second card just the same. (so I guess I really made 5 items today)

As all but one of the cards I made this past weekend were feminine, I decided it was time to make a boy's card. I had some scraps of robot patterned DSP's and this is the card that emerged.

This last card is again using some scraps to create a backing image inside the aperture, then I stuck on some Jenni B Dragonflies. finished with silver sticker corners and border.

I do wish I'd remembered to photograph the book covers I made, so I could show you them, they were really cute with papertolle cats and kittens. Ah well, twas not to be.

So the craft fair is over for another year. I bet Mandy and Ian are totally whacked, it was an exhausting weekend for them with all the packing etc. While I had all the fun as usual, simply crafting to my hearts content.

Thank you to both of you for allowing me the pleasure of playing with all your stuff yet again.

Happy crafting folks.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Craft Fair 2012

9th to 11th June 2012
Craft Fair at The Gardens Recreation Centre;
This fair is held over the June long weekend every year, and Blue Edge Crafts always attend, in fact it's the only fair they do now.
For several years now I've gone along to demonstrate for them, As there is no new equipment to demo this year, I've been spending my time using the Hobby Dots and cards. The pack I chose to use had 6 different designs in it, and here is what I've done with those designs.
All supplies are of course available from Blue Edge Crafts.

This one has a paper tole (3D image) in the centre of a Greeny/Gold glitter scalloped circle cut with a Spellbinder die. The Get well Soon is a rub on and needs touching up.

For this card, I used a pyramid image which I mounted onto a Spellbinder die cut scallop circle, I added a Kris Kross of ribbon and used some of the Hobby Dots to create the flower in the top Right corner.

The owl on the front of this one is cut from a DS 12 x 12 sheet of Birch scrapbooking paper, behind the owl is a Spellbinder die cut out of self adhesive glitter paper. I used three different reds from the range of Hobby Dots stickers, as well as the silver edged green and silver elliptical shapes to fill in ovals. The straight borders and larger dots are from yet another of the Hobby dot range of sticker sheets.

I wanted to do a Male themed card, and this is it. I used brown and blue tear drops  rub ons, and yet another Spellbinder die cut which I embossed with a Spellbinder double sided embossing folder. the gold is some of the scrap from the sticker sheet which I put onto acetate then cut out to use as a layer behind the star topper. the shirt, star topper elements, the tag and the ribbon are all from a range of rub on's which have topper elements included, They are a Jenni B collection by Ribtex.

For this card I chose to use aqua and burgundy.  a Spellbinder die cut from self adhesive glitter paper sits behind some small nylon flowers which were on wire, I cut the wire right behind the base of the flower, then used Silicone glue/sealant to adhere them into a bunch in the centre of the glitter die cut.

I think this one is my favourite. I used an outline sticker on acetate which I then flood coloured with Glaze and Aqualip pens. I tried an idea I'd had for a while which was to add in a darker colour while the lighter colour was still very wet, as hoped they bled together giving a shaded effect.

This last card, is not a Hobby dot card as you can plainly see, it is one of the aperture cards which BEC sell in packs.Mandy had a paper tole image already made up, and I used that for the centre. I mounted it onto purple self adhesive glitter paper and used silver peel off for the corners and around the aperture.. The sentiment is a rub on.

I really enjoy doing the craft fairs, it's 3 full day's of crafting, and sharing the joy and love of crafting with others. I take great pleasure in helping others learn new ideas, techniques etc. Long my it continue. lol

Happy Crafting

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Scrapbook pages

7th June 2012

I haven't posted any of my scrapbook pages here for a little while, not that I've done that many, but I thought it about time I posted another two.

The photo's I've used on these pages were taken on the day that miss Cassandra Jayde was born. You've already seen some later photo's, I've not done my journalling yet, as I think that's a personal thing and I prefer not to post it.

The layout is a Kaszazz layout as is all the materials used.

This is my son Chris holding his newborn daughter, Miss Cassandra Jayde

These two photo's are of my daughter in law Shelley just after delivery, and their older daughter, our Darling Samantha Kaye holding her baby sister.

I don't know about other scrapbookers, cos I've only recently really got hooked on it, but mine is all over the place, there is no sequence or chronological order to my pages, apart from the fact that each two page layout will have photo's of either the same event, or person/s. Just as well the Kaszazz albums can be easily re-sorted to put things in the correct order regardless of when they're done.

Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


6th June 2012

Recently I was asked to make some cards for little ballerinas.
The first one was requested in purple. I've made it in lilac shimmer card as that was much prettier then my plan purple card. I embossed the shimmer card with a Cuttlebug embossing folder, Shimmer card embosses so beautifully.
This little 4 year old princess loved her card, made especially for her.

 The second card was originally requested in red, then the requester changed their mind and asked for blue. I feel that this lovely Spellbinders die would look adorable in any colour.
For both cards, I cut, embossed and then used the die as a stencil to ink the card before removing from the die.
In the case of the blue card, I then added Kindy Glitz, (which is like stickles if you don't have Kindy Glitz where you live).
Each of the numbers was cut with my Stampin Up alphabet set which of course includes numbers.
The 13 was coated with Glossy accents, then gems were added before it dried completely.
The giver of this card felt that at 13 the recipient might think themselves a little mature to be called princess, so I didn't emboss the tiara, instead I just added gems, after all, ballerinas usually have a tiara dont' they? and tiara's ALWAYS have gems....
I finished by adding Kindy Glitz to the darker blue inked areas to add just a tad more bling. (I dont' know any 13 year olds who don't LOVE bling)

So there they are, my pair of Ballerina cards. Both using the same die, but each individualised for the recipient.

Happy Crafting

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ribbon Iris Folding Train

6th June 2012

The June Challenge over at Unstampabelles is RIBBONS.
I'm the sponsor for this months challenge, and here is a photo of the prize I have on offer.

The shape of the train outline is cut out and then I used the lines of the template to indicate where my ribbon should overlap.

All the ribbon used is Stampin Up and is 1cm wide.

I finished off by covering the back with a piece of plain card to hide all the tape etc. and used border peel off's to finish off the front of the card.

The sentiment is computer generated using  2Peas Glitter Girl font.

If you wish, join my site and I will give you the template and instructions as a thank you.

Hope you try this, it's easy to do and is a great way to use up scraps of Pattern papers or ribbon as here, or even gift wrapping paper, Some of the Christmas wrapping papers make really beautiful baubles using this technique.

Happy Crafting,