Friday, 25 May 2012

Flowers on the windowsill

25th May 2012

If you've ever wondered what to do with those outline stickers, here's an idea you may find interesting. I've done this many times with different stickers, and it always looks so effective.

The stickers are carefully peeled off the backing sheet then placed onto a patterned paper of your choice, it doesn't have to be patterned, it could be plain, however in this card I've used patterned. Then simply fussy cut out around the outside edge of each sticker. Simple eh!

This card design, the stickers and the pattern paper all come from it's one of their Cards of the Month to which I've had a long time subscription. I consider them to be value for money as they supply everything you need to make 4 cards, and if there is a template or a stencil, they supply that as well, including foam mounts, the only thing they don't supply is the double sided tape.

I still have my May pack sitting waiting for me to get around to doing it.

Here's my card, it looks very effective and the instructions which come with the packs are clear and precise.

I really like the look of this one, it's just so pretty, and just a little bit different.

Give it a go!, Make stickers the Focus, not the finishing touch.

Happy Crafting


Anonymous said...

A lovely card Beth. Love the way it looks as though the flowers are sitting on a windowsill, very clever!

Gail said...

Wow Beth ,I love the window effect,looks great .

Gail said...

Wow Beth ,I love the window effect,looks great .