Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Scrapbooking Double layout

2nd January 2013

I had a week of catch up scrapbooking before we flew over to Western Australia to spend Christmas with our eldest son and his family.
The photo's used were taken a couple of years ago, Cassandra was then 8 and we were spending our first Christmas in WA.

The layout is a Kaszazz and Heather Blencowe is my mentor in scrapbooking. Many years ago I used to do some scrapping, but was never entirely happy with the style. Over the years I've seen various style come and go, and finally (with Kasazz) have found a style I like.

Although I've only used 1 photo in this layout, by scanning it and then enlarging and cropping I've selected only certain sections to give me the look I wanted. I've only recently started adding in journalling, and while not happy with my handwriting, try to follow the maxim that it's part of the heritage I'm creating.
Over the couple of weeks, I'll post the other double page layouts I did, also a single page layout that is entirely my own work and owes nothing to anyone but a lovely letter from Cassandra after Christmas 2011. 

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Sandy said...

Your layout is lovely, and the use of smaller sections of the same photo is very clever.
Wishing you a happy 2013