Monday, 30 July 2012

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30th July 2012

This particular card uses a technique which goes back a few years now.
It's called, or rather I know it as 'Cold Lamination'

For those who don't know what cold laminate is, here's a bit of an explanation.
Cold Laminate is a sheet of plastic with adhesive on one side, it comes in letter and A4 sizes, and is generally used to apply to a certificate or other document which you wish to protect the surface of. Unlike usual laminate where you insert your document between the leaves of the laminate sheet, and process through a heated laminator which fuses the borders and the sheets to your document, cold laminate has only one adhesive side with a pull away backing and does not require a heated laminator to be used.

For this card, I cut my piece of 'Cold Laminate' to the size I wanted to fit the centre of my finished card, big enough to stamp on.

I used staz on ink to stamp on the un-adhesive side and when completely dry, carefully removed the backing, exposing the adhesive.  I used chalks to colour in the areas I wanted coloured, and then covered the rest of the adhesive surface with a  mixture of left over Gold, silver, bronze &  green leaf, I just tipped the packet onto the sticky surface, and gently rubbed to make the leaf adhere, brushed away any that wasnt' sticking and put it back into the bag for later use.

This finished topper was adhered with double sided tape to cream pearlesent card, then mounted to a black background, I punched the corners then flat mounted this to my base card.

It's and interesting and easy technique, which for some reason I've not seen around for some time.

I hope you find this technique both interesting and worth a try.

Happy Crafting


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