Saturday, 21 July 2012

Scrapbooking my Family

21st July 2012

Over the past two weeks, we have had our youngest grand-daughter who will be 10 next month, visiting during the school holidays. As she lives with her Mum and Dad (our son) in Perth Western Australia, we don't get to see her that often.
We have had a wonderful time scrapbooking, cardmaking, cooking and generally having lots of fun together.
Today she went home :-( the house is soooo quiet......... and sooooo tidy........... love her to bits though, and can't wait until she gets to visit us again.

Last night after she went to bed, I got my self organised and got to work on this double page layout. It's one of the Master Class' projects that Heather does. I've really enjoyed doing it, missed the fun of doing it with the group, but still enjoyed getting it done, even if it was on my own.

The photo's I chose were both Landscape, so I had to change the second page of the layout to suit as the original design is for a portrait photo on the second page.

As usual I've added in just a few little bits of my own, (more butterflies, some bling, and some Kindy Glitz.

Cassandra wasn't around when the first photo was taken, Samantha and Jaime_Leigh were only about 4 or 5.

The second photo is Cassandra with Grandpa when she's aged about 2.

My journaling will be on cards inside the decorated envelope. The cards are cut to size and already inside, I just haven't written on them yet.

Hope you like these layouts, I found them both easy and love the finished effect.

Happy Crafting


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