Thursday, 28 June 2012

Special Cards, for Special People

28th June 2012

The following two cards were commissioned. They are very different, and at quite opposite ends of the spectrum.
The first card is for a significant birthday, which of course have to have something a little bit specaial, so this card is very dimensional due to the roses and the butterfly. The largest rose is 2.5cm wide and 2cm high, no way was that ever going to fit into an ordinary envelope, not even a envelobox was going to hold this baby, so I made a special box to go with it. The person this is for loves white flowers, and what better flower to express love than a rose.

The card and it's box. I have embossed acetate for use in the aperture.

 The second card is for a special litte girl who's going to be 4. She likes cupcakes, so her card has 4 cupcakes, and 4 x 4's
The inside had to be a special as the outside,

keeping with the cupcake and 4 theme, there had to be four candles and four cupcakes and four Happy Birthday to you greetings.

I think this turned out to be really cute and girly. Hopefully Savannah likes her birthday card.

Happy Crafting

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