Wednesday, 6 June 2012


6th June 2012

Recently I was asked to make some cards for little ballerinas.
The first one was requested in purple. I've made it in lilac shimmer card as that was much prettier then my plan purple card. I embossed the shimmer card with a Cuttlebug embossing folder, Shimmer card embosses so beautifully.
This little 4 year old princess loved her card, made especially for her.

 The second card was originally requested in red, then the requester changed their mind and asked for blue. I feel that this lovely Spellbinders die would look adorable in any colour.
For both cards, I cut, embossed and then used the die as a stencil to ink the card before removing from the die.
In the case of the blue card, I then added Kindy Glitz, (which is like stickles if you don't have Kindy Glitz where you live).
Each of the numbers was cut with my Stampin Up alphabet set which of course includes numbers.
The 13 was coated with Glossy accents, then gems were added before it dried completely.
The giver of this card felt that at 13 the recipient might think themselves a little mature to be called princess, so I didn't emboss the tiara, instead I just added gems, after all, ballerinas usually have a tiara dont' they? and tiara's ALWAYS have gems....
I finished by adding Kindy Glitz to the darker blue inked areas to add just a tad more bling. (I dont' know any 13 year olds who don't LOVE bling)

So there they are, my pair of Ballerina cards. Both using the same die, but each individualised for the recipient.

Happy Crafting

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Merry said...

Wonderful work Beth.....that die is terrific.