Monday, 25 June 2012

Christmas Cards with Heather

25th June 2012

After a what seems like ages, Heather and I managed to squeeze into our busy schedules, a day to make some cards. I have soooo missed our Thursday sessions.

Anyway, we made a set of 3 Kaszazz Christmas cards in gold and white, then I suggested silver and blue, so we made those as well.

Here are the 6 delightful cards we made. Loved making them, Totally pleased with the end results, and had a great day with a good friend doing what we both love. How much better could life be than that?

These two cards use a rollagraph stamp which was embossed with Sparkling embossing powder, I added some Kindy Glitz to the Gold and white card.

The remaining 4 cards also use Kaszazz stamps, which were heat embossed. I only added Kindy Glitz to the Gold and White ones, however, I've still not ruled out adding some to the Blue and Silver cards, just can't make up my mind at present.

I must admit I found it difficult to photograph the cards as they all use Mirror card, and I'm not a very good photographer at anytime. However, I hope you can see them well enough to help give you some inspiration for your Christmas cards.
I'm happy to have made six of the eighty I usually make. I always start making my Christmas cards in June, so i'm off and on my way.

Happy Crafting

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Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

Great cards Beth - I am normally a gold lover, but really like the blue & silver ones ;-)