Monday, 11 June 2012

Craft Fair - last day 2012

11th June 2012

Today was the last day of the craft fair. It was probably the slowest day, with fewer people actually buying stuff.

I only made 3 cards, one of which sold immediately, but I did make a commission for the back and front of a book for a school project, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it before the customer came back to collect it.

I made this wobble card using a Grand scallop Oval and a Grand plain oval as well as the standard sized ovals. the dress is from Jenni B Collections, comes as a two in a pack. This is the card that sold almost as soon as I'd finished it. We don't normally sell the demo cards, but it was the last day and said Oh okay then. Anyway, I promptly made a second card just the same. (so I guess I really made 5 items today)

As all but one of the cards I made this past weekend were feminine, I decided it was time to make a boy's card. I had some scraps of robot patterned DSP's and this is the card that emerged.

This last card is again using some scraps to create a backing image inside the aperture, then I stuck on some Jenni B Dragonflies. finished with silver sticker corners and border.

I do wish I'd remembered to photograph the book covers I made, so I could show you them, they were really cute with papertolle cats and kittens. Ah well, twas not to be.

So the craft fair is over for another year. I bet Mandy and Ian are totally whacked, it was an exhausting weekend for them with all the packing etc. While I had all the fun as usual, simply crafting to my hearts content.

Thank you to both of you for allowing me the pleasure of playing with all your stuff yet again.

Happy crafting folks.


MillyMollyMandy said...

It was a very exhausting weekend hey?? I love that red feather dress card - so did everyone else - you could have sold heaps of those. Love all the cards you made Beth, I'll give them back to you once we've taken photos for the blog :)

Merry said...

Sounds like heaven Beth....wonderful cards you created.