Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fussy Cards with Tracey of Paper Flourish

3rd April 2012

Last night I went and made cards at Paper Flourish, I loved the cards they were scheduled to make, and it’s nice to craft with other people.

We made 4 cards in the class and there was a 5th if we had time. We all got the four cards made, but I don’t think anyone even started the fifth one.

Since I had forgotten to take not only ½ my basic kit, and my mobile phone, I was unable to take a photo of the 5th card. I know it was approximately like the one I made this morning. That should help me to remember to take my phone so I can take pictures of things.

And maybe I’ll even remember ALL the items in my basic kit. It really wasn’t too bad, the very kind lady who I sat next to shared her pricky tool with me when I needed one, fortunately I had everything else, apart that is from wet glue which I bought a small bottle of.

So apart from being scatter brained, I had a very pleasant evening making some lovely cards.

And here they are;

Card 1

Card 2 

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Happy Crafting.



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