Sunday, 13 August 2017

Two Zip Hipster Bag

I found this delightful pattern while surfing Pinterest, It's by Erin Erickson it cost $10 and is downloadable so you get it right away. you can buy the pattern here Erin Erickson Store and it's called as above, 'Two Zip Hipster Bag'

The step by step instructions with pictures are easy to follow, and while I'm easily confused, and did have a couple of moments when I had to stop and THINK about what the instructions said not what I Thought is said, besides that, I found the bag easy to make, and have only to get over my hardware supply issues to actually make them.

This bag pictured is actually missing the slider that allows for the strap adjustment, I've ordered them online and now only have to practice that element called patience, (which I don't have much if any of)

I found a supplier on eBay, from china, free postage to Australia, LOVE it, and have placed my order. You can find said supplier here: Jmzcity2046
The items I've ordered are described as follows:

  • 20 pieces Belt bag buckles metal wire rectangle Ring loops  strap adjuster DIY 272422412456 25*16*2.8mm $2.59 Free Postage
  • 20 Pieces Metal Sides Tri-glides wire formed roller pin buckles strap adjuster 282228714129  25*16*2.8mm $2.79 Free Postage.
The pattern calls for 38mm hardware, which is okay if you can get them, This size is only 1/3 smaller, if you work in inches, then 38mm is 1.5", these are 1" which only means that instead of cutting your strap fabric at 6" wide, you cut it at 4" wide. everything else is the same and I personally don't believe that 1/2" makes any appreciable difference.

So to the bag, The next one I'm going to do will feature some machine embroidery on the front pocket, I'll update this post when that happens. Here is what I've actually done!

This will easily hold my Samsung Galaxy tablet, my Kindle e-reader, my mobile phone and still have room for bit's and pieces, so it's perfect for me to take away on our next holiday in January 2018. (I've stuffed all the above in to make sure)
The inside pocket I divided to make a pen slot, and left the rest open, it will hold my car and house keys, with the top zip, everything is safe and secure inside. 

Hope you like this little project, 

Have fun and do all the things you love, because time is slipping away......

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