Monday, 23 June 2014

Invitation with tear back

This invitation was requested by my eldest grand-daughter for her 21st birthday invites.
She gave me the rough idea, then left it to me to pull it all together and make the information fit.

I quite like a challenge and was more than happy to rise to the occasion with this one.

I decided that the invitation would be flat, no folds. Most of the information is contained on the front, with the final information printed on the reverse of the tear back section.
The only real challenge then was getting everything to line up properly which in the end was not really all that hard. I simply printed out my samples on plain copy paper, made alignment adjustments as needed, I believe it took me only 4 print outs to get it right. Then I was able to print out 3 copies per A4 sheet of card stock.

The photo enclosed and revealed by the tear back is a collage I made of 3 photos. Two are very obvious, the base image, the one which shows her little legs when she was born feet first was heavily tweaked so that all the lady bits were disguised, without losing the drama of her hitting the deck feet first.

A little about her arrival:
Her little legs were presented for a full 1/2 hour before the rest of her body was born, my husband was taking photos' my son was talking to his partner keeping her mentally occupied, (epidurals take all the interesting things away from a birth LOL) the other grand parents were there, so were a retrieval team of 4, 3 midwives and a Dr, (her mother had been a blue baby, and they were on hand in case she needed assistance after birth) Because she was breech which they don't usually allow, preferring to do C sections these days, the entire class of 20 or so trainee midwives were also present to see this birth, all in all it was a rather large, operating theatre, crowded with a whole variety of people. A very special occasion to us as it was the birth of our very first grand child.

Anyways, back to the card, You can see why it had to be special don't you? she is very special to us, and made sure we all knew it.

Jay chose the colour scheme, the border pattern and the fonts used, it was after all for her party. I only executed it.

A perforating blade made cutting the peel lines easy, and prevented unnecessary tearing of the front. I put some reinforcing at the ends of the perforated lines so that it would be a bit more difficult to rip the tear back right off, something which I did with one of my prototypes, hmmm it was back to the drawing board to fix that issue.

I have erased the personal details in the photo's for the sake of privacy, this doesn't detract from the idea which I believe can be clearly seen..

The completed Invitation unopened

The photo collage which is inside the invitation

The reverse of the front showing reinforcing

The open invitation

I hope you like this invitation idea. It was very successful, and well received.

Thank you for visiting my blog today, I hope you come by again soon.,
Happy Crafting

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Merry said...

Love, love this idea Beth. You are so clever. I will be adding this to my that I can try one day. Wow, what a crowd there must have been in the birthing room.