Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pink Medalion

6th May 2012

I made this card last week, I had planned on posting it before now, but due to the passing of my beloved sister, I've really not felt like blogging.

Maggie Price was a strong, feisty, courageous, determined and stubborn woman, who fought her battle with everything she had. The Lord decided he needed another Angel at his side and called her home on Tuesday May 1st 2012. So battle done, the pain has gone, rest in eternal peace Maggie, Love you sis, always in my heart, Memories are forever.

This card is in a way like Maggie, Elegant, and beautiful.

The topper is constructed with pink stickers applied to Acetate then cut out and mounted on top of each other.

The background papers are scraps as is the ribbon. I used pearls to finish.

In Memory of Margaret Rose Price (Maggie)

Nothing will ever bring you back
this I truly know
words will never express
how I will miss you so.
I long to to hear your voice, your laugh,
and see your smile just one more time
I didn't know it would be so hard
to know you're no longer here.
But I know you'll watch over me
and know you're very near
I'll think of you forever, and the Inspiration
you have been.
Memories I treasure, from when you were
just a baby, to the wonderful woman you became.
Your soul is now set free.
I love you dearest Maggie
Until we meet again.
Rest in Eternal Peace.


Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

lovely words Beth. Sending hugs ;-)

MillyMollyMandy said...

Beautiful words Beth and a wonderful card too. {{{huggsss and love}}}