Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Cynthia's Ark is a small quilting business, mainly on line, but Cynthia does have a shop in Mallala here in South Australia.
I've known Cynthia for quite a few years now mainly though a mutual friend, but more recently I've attended one of Cynthia's uninterrupted project weekends, and later this year we are going on a 3 day retreat in the Adelaide hills for Project Uninterrupted. Here is a link to Cynthia's Ark should to wish to go visit her online shop.
Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning Cynthia, is because that is where I bought the kit for the quilt I'm sharing with you today. I did however slightly change it, I turned the image panels into picture windows because that is what I wanted.
Having reached a level of confidence in my quilting, I now like to make changes, to individualise my quilts, to make them 'mine'.
This lap quilt, as I said earlier came as a kit, I bought extra fabrics to do the looking through a window effect. I also, added the words which are appliqued in black fabric.

I did a lot of free motion sewing to give dimension and accent areas of the tigers.
This quilt was for my Daughter in Laws birthday, she has a passion for Tigers so was perfect for her.
Thank you for visiting today.

Happy crafting.
Live, Love, Laugh, life is too short to do anything else.

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Cynthia Woodham said...

You did a fantastic job making one of my kits your own. Love what you did Beth.