Monday, 25 April 2016

Dr Who Tardis Quilt

I've just completed a quilt top for my youngest granddaughter. She is a Dr who fan and wanted a Tardis quilt as soon as I mentioned one was possible.

The quilt top measures 50½" x 80"

Instead of doing the traditional thing with this quilt, that is layering with wadding and a backing fabric, for this one I'm going to use Minki for the backing, and will do minimal actual quilting to hold the two layers together.

I believe this will make the quilt not only more snuggalicious, but be deliciously warm and last but not least, it will I hope stand up better to washing more frequently than a traditional quilt would be.
 (I believe there really should be a word such as “Snuggalicious” allowed in our language, and when all is said and done, the English language is constantly evolving and changing any ways, so I’m only helping it along a bit.)  

The pattern I used is called ‘Relatively Dimensional’ and can be found for only $10 at hunter’s Design Studio. You can find it here Hunter's Design Studio/relatively-dimensional

I had a beautiful red brick fabric which I decided to use as my background, but all other fabrics used are as recommended. I bought them online at the suggested shop.

This quilt top only took 3 days from start to finish. I do recommend cutting and labeling all pieces before you start. 

For the POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX lettering, I used my brother INV6750D (Quattro 3) embroidery machine.

The pull panel, I photocopied the supplied words onto inkjet printer fabric. In retrospect I believe I should have made the ink heavier, I used a standard print setting, and while the text is clear, it could have been to my mind, a tad darker.

I know it looks a little uneven hanging up on my curtain track, but it is only the top and not yet finished, being hung a tad unevenly also give it a lop sided look, lol.

This is a good starter pattern if you're interested in quilting. It's all straight seams.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Hope you come back again soon.
Happy Crafting,

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Merry said...

That is brilliant Beth, I bet it will be used well. What a fantastic background fabric you have used also.