Friday, 24 October 2014

I'm BACK!!

After having done nothing for so long due to illness, I'm now back on my feet and crafting again.
However......... I've not been doing much in the way of papercraft.
While I still have an interest in making cards, I'm now leaning more towards scrapbooking, MY WAY!!
I really don't like any of the current trends in scrapbooking. So, I'm doing my own thing, and scrapping my photos my way. Watch this space on this subject.

I have however been knitting, not done any of THAT for years! before going into hospital for knee replacement surgery just over 3 months ago, I started knitting an Aran sweater for my husband. it took me about 8 weeks to knit it, and I'm really pleased with the end result. Knitted in Pure wool 8 ply, the pattern was very easy and quite therapeutic to do.

I've also started one of the things on my retirement bucket list. (I retired over 3 years ago, but have only just got around to doing this). I'm learning to do PIECE QUILTING!! Yay at long last.
Many, Many years ago I made heaps of quilts, but they were all appliqued quilts. A quite different ball game, all hand sewn.
Now I'm doing the real piecing stuff, and LOVING it. I'm doing the 12 x 12 block quilt on my own with initial how the hell do I do this help from a dear friend, (Thank you so much Rosemary, I couldn't have done this without you.) So far I've done 12 of the 25 needed blocks, I try to get at least 2 done per day. After doing the first 4 pink, and first 4 green blocks, I laid all the sets out and switched around the cream sections, so that each set of 4 is going to be slightly different.

At the same time...... just over a week ago, I joined a quilting class at Kornacraft in Gawler,  Kornacraft in Gawler SA We are currently doing a pieced Christmas Table runner. After that, I'm going to have the teacher, Yvonne Marrin help me do my first quilt as you go quilt. For this one I plan on doing machine embroidered centres to each block. The designs I've chosen are by Glenn Harris, and I found them on Outback Embroidery That's another watch this space project.

Anyway to wind up for today, here are some photo's I have just taken of the sweater, the table runner top, and the 12 x12 blocks already made.

Bob's Aran Sweater

Christmas Table Runner Top

12 of the 25 needed blocks
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