Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Flower & Lace

A friend of mine has become quite obsessed with finding card ideas using her iPad. Today she rang and said I found a card Idea, can I come and show you? of course I said 'Yes' so she arrived with a basic white card and a couple of flowers. She described the card as best she could but said she had no idea of sizes or measurements. I've tried to get her head around the fact that it doesn't matter what size card or the measurements that someone else has, you work with what you have.

Anyway, I pulled out  lace, and selected my flower and coordinating cardstock, and Wanda chose her colours, the only given was the centre had to be black apparently, according to the design she saw.
She was going to use a red flower and chose a red which was a pretty close match, but when it came to putting the elements together, we both decided that the Yellow flower looked even more impressive.

The first card is Wanda's, the second is mine. The third card is one I was asked to make for a customer who's requirements were, Noah's Ark and aged 1.

I can't give credit where it's due to the designer, because I don't' know who that is, if I ever find out, I'll amend this post with their name.

This was a quick and easy card to make so it's definitely a good card for a beginner.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. hope to see you back again soon.

Happy Crafting

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Merry said...

Those flower cards are very striking and lovely. Noahs' card is too cute.